Our Vision

July 01, 2021 1 min read

I feel that walls of our home tell our story. And they are able to inspire us. For that reason I felt the need to
create beautiful Islamic Artworks ranging from Vintage to Modern, from Classical to Abstract with Qur'an
being at the center of them all.
That way our walls can speak to us and inspire us. Art as i feel is not just for the sake of Art. Rather Art is for
Life. Art should be able to awaken us, cleanse our souls and guide us towards the light. That's what Art is for.
I hope that when my Artworks adorn your walls, a part of it will also be able to motivate your souls.
We strive to create our Artworks with unique and original Arabic calligraphies. Our Arabic Calligraphies are
made by calligraphy masters and our correctly licensed and copyrighted. This ensures that the Ayats written
bring Barakah to your homes. Most of our calligraphy artists are a part of the Arab Canvas team so you can
always rest assured that any Artwork you buy of us will be original and unique.

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