Our Journey

July 01, 2021 1 min read

My Journey so far…
Hi everyone, I am Huzaifa the owner of Arab Canvas. I am really excited to share my journey so far with you
and hope it is a story that motivates and inspires you.
I was born and brought up in Dubai. From a young age I had a keen interest in calligraphy (English and
Arabic) and won quite a few calligraphy competitions while in school. In school I learned the Naskh and
Riqa’a Arabic Calligraphy scripts.
After completing school I went on to study Arabic Literature and graduated in this field. During this time I
also learnt some basics in graphic design and illustration.
After completing my masters I started working as a freelancer doing Arabic calligraphy and designing and at
the same time also teaching Islamic Studies in school during the day.
After almost 12 years of doing this, I felt that I needed some creative space and decided to stop freelancing.
That is when we started Arab Canvas in 2016. What started as an experimental project soon became an all-
time passion thanks to the love and support by all of you. In just 3 years we sold over 1000 Artworks across
the world. Alhamdulillah for his countless blessings.
Today we are working with a couple of master Arabic Calligraphers and artisans worldwide to provide you
with the most unique and original Islamic Artworks.

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