How are our artworks created?

July 01, 2021 2 min read

The Aayat of al Quran al Karim have a spiritual impact on our hearts and souls. It is a difficult task for me as
an artist to engrave its effects in a physical artwork.
It is always a great challenge for the artist to make the observer feel the same about the artwork of the
Aayaat and understand the contemplations. The process is not of transferring but rather one of
We strive to create the artworks in such a way that the client can perceive an inner spiritual connection.
Each of our Artwork has a story behind it, and I hope to summarize them someday, but would like to share
one so you may get a glimpse of how our Artworks are made.
Product ID: ACN11140 (a link to it can be placed here)
This Artwork was made at a time of adversity. Few people whom I considered friends, rather more like
brothers lied and betrayed me in a manner which was unimaginable. I really didn't know what to do, and
couldn't understand anything.
At that time while reading Surah Yusuf I came across this Ayah that Prophet Yaqub AS said when his sons lied
to him and betrayed his trust, probably the worst betrayal of its kind ever.
Instead of getting angry Prophet Yaqub AS simply said that "Allah is my Helper".
I was saved and was able to find peace in my heart by turning towards Allah and asking for his mercy instead
of lashing out at those who had wronged me.
So the Artwork was made using black shades representing the lies and treachery of those involved. The
white design base represents the bounties of Allah, with the black looming in from all sides threatening to
engulf everything.
At times like these, we forget the uncountable blessings and tend to focus on the negativity. But the Ayat
from Surah Yusuf reminded me that compared to difficulties, the bounties are plentiful hence the Ayat is in
shades of gold, the perfect guide and reminder for us during such times.
The Artwork has a few touches of gold that seem to be breaking apart the black and revealing the white
from underneath, a way to show how the Ayat and our turning towards Allah SWT works as the perfect way
to put out the fires of adversities.
The Artwork was created in different stages; first the calligraphy was done on paper with a bamboo pen and
then scanned and digitalized.
The second stage was creating the background design digitally.

The last stage was making a fluid art with shades of black and gold metallic paints, which was then scanned
and cleaned up.
All these elements were brought together digitally in Photoshop and the final Artwork was created after
hours of editing to get the colors and shades just right.

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